Saturday, March 15, 2008


I've got over thirty stencils, but I definitely have my favorites. And you can distinguish the favorites by the layers of paint which sometimes get so thick that I actually have to stop using a stencil because the built up paint has distorted the image. I usually don't just make one stencil at a time, although occasionally I'll feel that I just don't have the right one for a painting that I'm working on and then I'll make one with a specific painting in mind. Most of the time I'll make a few stencils at once. It's a very different process from painting and sometimes it's just the change of pace that I need. I make my stencils out of Bristol Board, which is thick enough to stand up to the paint, but thin enough that I won't lose all feeling in my fingers when I use my Exacto knife to cut out the design.

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