Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I Should be Painting...

Yes, I should be painting. But I'm not. I should be painting... but instead I'm playing around with all these photos that I can't stop taking. Not only am I spending all my time snapping pictures, but now I'm finding fun new ways to modify them. I really like the way these apples turned out. They look a bit like marble. Maybe not too great to bite into, but pretty neat to look at.


Diana said...

I like the effect. What did you use?
I can't stop playing with I'm addicted. I know I should be more productive, but I like to sit for hours with a laptop on my lap at night and play with my photos while I watch TV with the family.

Hopefully, our photos will inspire some good artwork! Right?

Kate said...

Thanks Diana! I'm going to check out picnik right now. I haven't heard of it. Thanks for the tip.
To get that effect, I just took a picture of a crackle finish and layered it on the photo of the apples in Pretty easy.