Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pier One Birds

The birds are in! Well, they've been in for a few weeks now. I took the family on a little field trip to visit our nearest Pier One and there they were, cute little fellows, sitting amongst the other paintings. I've only seen these little birds in their small format so it was fun to see them on a larger scale. Pier One did a nice job presenting them. They're printed on a light cotton fabric and gallery stretched. Each one has a fun little tag describing the personality of the birds they depict.


Barbara said...

How cool! Congratulations!

Emily S. said...

What? You have stuff at Pier One? Way to go Kate. I was cleaning out my little "favorite" blog address and found your blog again! How exciting and a reminder that you are one of my "favorite" people. Lucky to have you as a friend. Good luck with the pier one stuff.

Angela Bentley Fife said...

I just saw them last night @ my Pier one.....Great job my little famous friend!