Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I'm still getting ready for an upcoming show at an art gallery right here in Salt Lake, Utah Artist Hands. I'm still madly painting of course, but sometimes I think I do my best work at the last minute. This painting is one of a pair that will be up in the show opening in time for mother's day. I love the new color palette I used in these paintings. They're inspired by vintage, Art Deco fabric that I found in a new book.
My friends and family know that I'm easily distracted, an entrepreneur by heart, and I'm not really myself unless I have a new passion to follow up on every few months. This past weekend while at a beautiful fabric store with my sister Cathy I decided to finally follow through with the passion for textiles that I've had for years. In what you might call an epiphany I decided to start designing a line of fabrics based off of my paintings, which I suppose brings things full circle considering the fact that my paintings are inspired by textiles to begin with.

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Plain Jane said...

How the fabric design thing going?